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Salty Crossing Soapery

Driftwood | Salt & Clay Artisan Soap | Fancy Spa Bath Bar | Woodsy Scent | Handmade in Tennessee

Driftwood | Salt & Clay Artisan Soap | Fancy Spa Bath Bar | Woodsy Scent | Handmade in Tennessee

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The pink Himalayan salt in this bar makes it scrubby and creates a rich creamy lather. This all natural vegan friendly salt soap bar with French green clay is scented in a woodsy blend of fir needle, cedarwood and rosemary essential oils. The entire bar is cold process soap, even the little seashells on top.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Pink Himalayan Salt, Olive Oil, Water, Lye, Castor Oil, Essential Oils of Fir Needle, Cedarwood and Rosemary, French Green Clay, Mango Butter, Avocado Oil, Pink and White Kaolin Clay

Net Wt 4 oz / 113 g

Use and care:

Salty Crossing soaps are meant for external use only. Some of them smell incredibly yummy, but please don’t ingest them or use them for anything but their intended purpose. Rinse well after use.

Real soap will last a long time if it is kept dry between uses. Keep your soap happy by using a soap saver or dish with plenty of drainage, and keep it out of the stream of water.

The Salty Crossing Soapery Mission: To create quality soaps with big smiles and happy skin in mind.

All Salty Crossing soaps start with a plant based recipe that is palm free. Soaps may be scented with essential oils or skin safe phthalate free fragrance oils. Colors may come from natural clays, plant based powders, micas or pigments. Every effort has been made to source ingredients from reputable suppliers of responsibly sourced, cruelty free ingredients. Some bars are vegan friendly, while others may contain goat milk or beeswax. Every item has a complete ingredient list within the description. Please do not hesitate to send a message if you have questions about ingredients or need help finding a bar with or without certain ingredients!

Saponification is the "magic" that happens when oils and fats react with lye. This exothermic chemical reaction creates glycerin and soap- and leaves behind no lye. All of the soaps at Salty Crossing are made in this way, using the cold process method. Even the embellishments found on top or inside decorative bars are made with cold process soap.

Poured in small batches in the foothills of east Tennessee, each bar of Salty Crossing soap is unique- a marriage of saponification and artistic design.

Meet the Salty Crossing Soap Maker:

In her third year as owner and soap maker of this small company, Elizabeth performs every aspect of the soap making process- from design, to pouring, cutting, stamping, beveling, and labeling.

If you'd like to see Elizabeth at work or learn more about the cold process soap making method, give Salty Crossing a follow on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube!

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