What is natural soap?

What is natural soap?

Just as with food ingredients, the FDA does not regulate what can be called "natural" in the land of soap. What one soap maker might consider an "all natural" bar is not necessarily what another would consider it. This post serves to define what "all natural" means here at Salty Crossing, and what you can expect in regards to ingredients in the Natural Soaps Collection

Most soap ingredients fall into one of a handful of categories- oils, lye, water or other liquid, fragrance, color, and additives. It is typically in the fragrance and colorant departments that we see disagreements about what is natural versus what is not. 

Salty Crossing soaps labeled natural are either unscented or scented only with essential oils. These essential oil blends are made with care to be sure they do not exceed the safe usage levels for soap. Soaps in the natural collection do not use manufactured fragrance oils. 

There is a wide array of colors that can be achieved using clays, activated charcoal, and plant powders. Those are the sort of ingredients you will find in Salty Crossing soaps carrying the 'all natural' label. 

In the end, the goal here is to always be transparent on the label in order to allow shoppers to make an educated decision about what goes on their skin. If ever you have a question about Salty Crossing soaps, please reach out via the Contact form!


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