Salty Crossing? What's in a name?

Salty Crossing? What's in a name?

Aside from the usual inquiries about ingredients and the soap making process, shoppers ask me most often about the business name. Granted, our farm in the Smoky Mountain foothills does not lend itself to an ocean themed business. It definitely seems a bit out of place- but there is some (good) reason behind it. 

For starters, I lived my first 30 years on the Delmarva peninsula- rarely more than 30 minutes from the water with the Chesapeake to the west and the Atlantic to the east. I learned to sail before I could legally drive. It is fair to say my heart is a little bit salty. 

As if I was not salty enough in my own right, on an adventurous day in 2005, I met a handsome sailor and fell in love. When his duty station changed from Norfolk Virginia to Mayport Florida, I followed him south. About a year later, we were married, and I took his last name- Cross. 

The rest, as they say, is history! 
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