May 2022 Soap Challenge Club  - Oasis Swirl

May 2022 Soap Challenge Club - Oasis Swirl


Edgar Kameraki created the Oasis Swirl technique, and this month Soap Challenge Club members were fortunate enough to have him teach us! The set up and pour is a bit complicated, but the results are absolutely worth it. This technique creates a really unique design with so much depth and endless possibilities for color. 

I made two attempts at the technique this month. My second attempt, In the Rainbow, is my experienced category entry. My first attempt, Sweet Summer, was entered in the bonus category. The differences between each batch are very subtle as I made only a couple small adjustments to the colors from one design to the next. 

 Many thanks to our teacher Edgar Kameraki for not only creating this unique technique, but then also being willing to share it with us! Also, Amy Warden of the Soap Challenge Club- who brings us all together each month with a new challenge and opportunity to test and hone our soap making skills. Each month our challenge is made possible by generous sponsors and this month that sponsor is Stephanie Graham of Micas and More 



Brightly colored handmade soapBrightly colored handmade soaps
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