May 2021 Soap Challenge Club Entry

May 2021 Soap Challenge Club Entry

For those who aren’t familiar, the Soap Challenge Club offers a new challenge each month. Members are given access to various tutorials and resources to learn about a specific soap technique, and then they can submit an entry for the contest following certain guidelines. I have watched from afar for quite some time now and decided recently that I needed to jump in and have some fun. 

The challenge for May was a column pour. The rules were fairly simple. You had to use a slab mold and the soap had to make its way into the mold by being poured over some sort of column. We were given the option of removing the column after the pour or using soap columns that could be left in the mold. The guidelines said ‘the goal is to create beautiful, contrasting lines of swirled colors.’

 Colorful swirls in handmade soap

My entry is from my second pour attempt. I was inspired by a photo of a peacock feather and attempted to recreate that in the pour. I placed 2 half-round columns at the very end of my slab mold and elevated that end slightly so that the soap would flow away from the columns. I *thought* this would create teardrop shapes in the colors as I alternated through them- and it very well might have worked if I had not over blended my batter. Despite things not going as planned, I do still really like the final results. 

Soap mold


 Mold setup above. Nearing the end of my pour below.

Wet soap batter in mold

Here’s the wet soap after swirling with a skewer. 

Swirly wet soap in the mold

I had a lot of fun planning and attempting this challenge. I’m thankful for the Soap Challenge Club and all the sponsors that help make it happen!

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What a fun concept!! I’d be curious to see how it would come out with the fluid batter as you had planned, but it’s still very pretty as is. The colors are fantastic, and the swirls pull it all together. Great job, Elizabeth!

Amy Warden

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