April 2022 Soap Challenge Club Bonus Category

April 2022 Soap Challenge Club Bonus Category

 You're One in a Melon!

Colorful watermelon themed soap


I created this watermelon soap as a warm up to my experienced category entry this month. I was able to use the same scraper for all 3 scrapes of the rind, by just adjusting the height each time. 


3d printed soap tools for sculpted layersI am glad I decided to do this practice pour, as I definitely needed a warm up before my main entry. I am also pretty pleased with how this one turned out. 


As always, special thanks to Amy Warden for orchestrating this grand thing called the Soap Challenge Club! I am constantly learning because of these monthly challenges, and I can say with certainty that my soaping skills are far better because of it. 

Roxanne of Caprica Soapery provided us with an excellent tutorial and an awesome spreadsheet for calculating the amount of soap needed for each of our layers. I am super excited for other sculpted layer designs in the future! 

This challenge was sponsored by the incredibly talented Belinda at Love Your Suds . Belinda is always out there in front, making cool tools for other soapers!

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